• AlphaBeta906

    Someone destroyed some work that I have done. I was just connecting with two pages together via links. Whom of you did this!

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  • SuperJason64

    Hello everybody!

    We have now created a Discord Server for this Wikia!

    Just as you may know its really REALLY Work in Progress.

    We are hiring many Mods/Admins in the Server!

    Hope all of you have fun!

    The Invite:


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  • Comrade Raining

    Hello everyone

    Going through this site I realized that it has a very hostile environment, it’s always the people angry arguing about politics, throwing offenses because of a page, eternal battles...

    So now, I would like to purpose some thing for all of us relax and don’t get angry fighting and insulting each other. I would like to purpose a football World Cup between the countryballs we created here.

    This thread will be long and I will be adding more details through it. Ok so to start we need to first decide the time the first football World Cup will happen here, in which decade you want the first edition of this event to take place. Remember that by choosing the decades, you are choosing a limited number of countries so don’t expect to have …

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  • Euy190

    Day 1

    February 15, 2020 by Euy190

    This my first visit to this wiki. I haven't search the wiki for years. But now im back.

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  • 中华人民的子弟

    Guys, As many of you may know, the wiki lacks an active admin. CantoneseDragon barely edits now, and we need to fix this. I would adopt the wiki and change everything. I would promote either Imperialist Chinaball, Batuhan2304 or Comrade Raining to be content mod to assist me managing the wiki

    Any opinions?

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  • Imperialist Chinaball


    January 9, 2020 by Imperialist Chinaball

    Why is this wiki literally overrun with socialists?

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  • Imperialist Chinaball

    So we know that the good and evil catgories are going tghorugh a small edit war. so i decided to do something, Evil will be a category for countries that did a bunch of war crimes and good will be the countries who foughts agaisnt the countries who did a bunch of war crimes.

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  • CantoneseDragon

    Changes are coming

    November 23, 2019 by CantoneseDragon

    Hello everyone, Canton here, the last thing near to an authority we have here yeah ik.

    So I’m here to announce now some new things I want to implement, for real I really want to, they are:

    1- Fix the timeline dates. I’m going to start doing that soon, probably now after I finish writing this. No matter how many pages I will have to edit, I will do that.

    2- Create a new discord server for the wiki. So we can have two channels, one to discuss the settings of capitalists and the other to socialist countries at the timeline, securing that everyone will be happy at the end.

    3- Former combatant fandom users please edit only with your accounts. I’m not against you being fandom users but the thing is that we need more users here who create stuff.

    And r…

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  • Imperialist Chinaball


    October 21, 2019 by Imperialist Chinaball

    Can i make a page called second warring states period?

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  • CantoneseDragon


    October 21, 2019 by CantoneseDragon

    As some of you maybe realized, I’m trying to clean the wiki from useless pages that violates the rules. Those are usually pages with: circle tool images, no defined data and almost no info.

    This is the first step toward a future announce I want to make about fixing the dates of the timeline. No more countryballs living for 900 unrealistic years, this only messes the timeline even more, but we will fix that later.

    So for now on, add this template here to the pages you consider to be useless or violating the rules -

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  • Gandalf427

    I made a Future Polandball wiki in russian language.Go to the wiki if you want and know Russian.Будущее_Countryballs_вики_вики

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  • SuperJason64

    Well boys we did it

    September 4, 2019 by SuperJason64

    So boys, we have done it. My page is finally Popular. I want yall thank you for this. Now we will see what will happen if some people add this cursed religion of some Anime App. Now another thing, I will create a Future Polandball server if i get more attention or one of my pages popular.

    Thank you all! ;)

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  • Usankan88o again seriously..

    im like aaaaaalive and im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. ssry im writing this fast because on pc now so hi again.also see the fandom war is still going on

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  • Danishball


    May 17, 2019 by Danishball


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  • Gandalf427

    (O O;)

    May 3, 2019 by Gandalf427

    Authoritarian Spanish Federationball

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  • Danishball


    April 23, 2019 by Danishball

    How do you make one

    I'm confused

    Like, I know how to edit one and add groups and lists and stuff but how do you make a new one? 

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  • Gandalf427

    Map of Europe 51000

    April 11, 2019 by Gandalf427

    Blue-United Baltic Statesball Navy blue-Greater Britainball Orange-Authoritarian Spanish Federationball Red-United German Republicball purple-Gaulball Yellow-South European Republicball Gray-Slavic Republicball]]

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  • Gandalf427

    Page need icon list:Chaosismball

    Cult Mechanicusball

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  • Mengjiang nationalist


    March 31, 2019 by Mengjiang nationalist

    Most new users won’t know who I am so I’ll introduce myself I’m mengjiang nationalist the only admin left on this wiki and for months I’ve been inactive well because this wiki turned into a war zone and I just gave up on this wiki but I’m back so ask me questions if you want I’ll try to active and answer them.

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  • Asterlogouploader

    post post post

    March 10, 2019 by Asterlogouploader

    I wanted to help the "Ramonagaviaball" page to add better information of it, okay? Please dont of any users forget it.

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  • UniverseSandbox85442


    March 1, 2019 by UniverseSandbox85442

    Some of my countries I made were deleted for no reason, what happened????

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  • Once Again Another USANKO88O account


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  • CaptDemocracy

    Join if you want

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  • Orgathball

    If any of u can help me then I owe you I need help editing the values on the polandball templates

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  • IloveRumaniaEatsShit

    I'm TLR and i made evil ILR so I could impersonate ILR and get nestle to think evil ILR is ILR.

    No. Evil ILR is in fact me, TLR and I will say kill me, and block me.

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  • CaptDemocracy

    There is a vandal in FuturePolandball Wiki, and please report him and he is making death threats and Nonsense Pages

    Please Report him for the sake of this Wiki

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    Hello yes im back I have 4% battery so ill bed a fine message

    Whoever has vadilized my wiki please apologize 

    Tell me the new storms tell me he news I like random hoi4 was ok so please uhhhb yeah please welcomed me I will announce this in a but as my wiki thanks and have a nice day :USANKANUSANKAN88O 

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  • Imperialist Chinaball


    January 6, 2019 by Imperialist Chinaball

    Pro Kung fandom users, I am doing you a favor, I will make a new Kung for you guys located in southern Sichuan and all of Yunnan. Deal?

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  • YapGamer

    About Shui

    December 10, 2018 by YapGamer

    This account will go inactive when I post this

    I am here to talk about Shui Chinaball and the other countries that are controlled by TRAPMFU.

    Shui will exist after Kung but in a different time period. If you try to remake Kung-Shui Confrontation or Any rebellion that destroys any of our countries, I will just replace in with the Speed delete template

    I have spoken to the leader of the fandom users to let Shui to exist and he promised us not to destroy any of our countryballs with a socialist revolution, while we wont kill your countries. The democratic Korea was created when I am in a very bad mood, so delete it. 

    But some fandom users wanted Shui to never exist while i spoke to the leader to let Shui to exist in a different time period. I wo…

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  • Dehradunball


    December 5, 2018 by Dehradunball

    Hi, I am Dehradunball. I was wondering if I could make a religion related to Atheism, but I saw that Atheismball was deleted. Is it still allowed? Thanks for your time.

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  • CantoneseDragon

    Attention you all

    November 24, 2018 by CantoneseDragon

    Please when you write the anthem of your fictional countries don’t just google translate it to their native languages.

    National anthems when translated are not the same thing, they lost their essence because they are officially written according to rhymes and local formal popular language.

    So please keep it just in english, never translate it if you can’t make it.

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  • YapGamer2001


    November 17, 2018 by YapGamer2001

    This is my new acc

    If you think i am underage, you are wrong

    I am born in 2001 ok so I am 17 years old k?

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  • MalaysianBall

    Ok The Fandals have been going to my wall again

    And Check My wall And I request the leaders of TRAPMFU to stop them

    I dont want another war from happening so please reply Leader of TRAPMFU

    If not I will go to Another wiki that i made along with ImperialistChinaball and some others

    Since this wiki, USAKAN Is behaving like an alt and is cancer

    If Mengjiang or Leader of TRAPMFU sees this, pls reply

    And this has to stop


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    November 4, 2018 by USAKAN88O


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  • Malaysian Nationalist

    I am Yap

    November 1, 2018 by Malaysian Nationalist

    Dis my new acc

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  • PabloSpy

    Hey Guys!

    October 30, 2018 by PabloSpy

    I'm inventing a war with my country that I invented and others I'm about to make, give me ideas, please

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  • Yapthegamingpro

    I don't want to continue this shit. I am really fucking depressed because of this. How about we have a treaty or smth?

    Firstly, FANDOM Users, If you hate USA,UK, capitalism etc. pls don't say it out on this wiki. But your countries will be alive

    Secondly, Shui China will be created after STORM but hates STORM like SEC did (still in Beijing Alliance, but fighting Mubarak Empire)

    Thirdly, Do not even try to threaten my or anyone's country and wanting socialist revolt there, I promise not to support A capitalist revolt in China or smth. 

    Fourthly, Do not say an ally of USA or ISIS is a USA puppet (etc a fandal said SK and Japan is puppet of the US). We hereby promise that All Allies of Russia/China are not their puppets

    If you don't accept, fine.…

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  • Yapthegamingpro

    Ok stop this Drama

    October 26, 2018 by Yapthegamingpro

    Singapore was a very beautiful city state. The people were nice, environmentally friendly and i have a lot of Singaporean friends. But The Singaporean Fandals are extremist and even claimed to hate Islam and terrorized all Malaysians like me.

    Pls stop this drama

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  • CalmoMaxwell

    The wiki can be saved. We just need proper leadership and some hefty IP blocks. Please good-faith users, do not let the bad-faith ones scare you away. Days of peace and light are sooner than you may think.

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  • RevolutionaryFandoUserComrade

    Yeah fucking traitor known as Cantonese Dragon is gone we managed to report him and get that idiot blocked again

    That is the price he pays for being an idiot traitor of the revolutionary movement

    Get ready you all idiots who mocked us we will take revenge in some days

    Some pages will cease to exist ad fandom user revolutionary vanguard will rise!

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  • Yapthegamingpro

    Like I said, We should make a Future Polandball Wiki Song Contest or Something or whatever

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  • CantoneseDragon

    Join discord

    October 8, 2018 by CantoneseDragon

    This is the current discord server we are using to talk about this wiki pls join to make it more active

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    October 7, 2018 by USAKAN88O


    Join and Help expand me wikis and u get admin/everything else access

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  • CantoneseDragon

    I'm back

    October 4, 2018 by CantoneseDragon

    Screw all fandom users but I can't block them cuz I have no enough power unfortunately, or else I would probably rule this wiki in North Korean style.

    Anyway I will revert and delete all shit fandoms start.

    Also I'm thinking in create a discord server for this wiki, so we can communicate better, who is in favour?

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  • Yapthegamingpro

    CantoneseDragon and Othmann are good users. They take care of this wiki very well. Othmann, Imperialist Chinaball, CantoneseDragon and I resolved the former FANDOM war. 

    Since the dumb FANDOM system banned them for no reason at all, Some extremist Communists are here, trying to kill Shui Chinaball, which is Imperialist Chinaball's creation. And they claim Chinese-Korean-Japanese Empireball was theirs but in fact, It was my creation and I get to control it. And the worse thing was, the commie extremists likes genociding liberals, which is very wrong. 

    And there is even one dude that wants Commie Infidels in my country to kill all Malaysians including me And Othmann. Which i think it is unacceptable for Me, Othmann, Malaysians and Malay Govern…

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  • Comrade Cloud

    War is coming

    October 3, 2018 by Comrade Cloud

    We thought everything was fine, we made peace with Yapgamingpro that proved to be a fine person.

    We united China Korea and Japan into a Heavenly Republic

    But Imperialist Chinaball is a dirty counter revolutionary bourgeois capitalist shit

    He is mad for having his imperialist bourgeois China know as Second Empire Of Chinaball destroyed by revolutionary heavenlists

    So now he is trying to control China again toward his shit new Shui Chinaball a bourgeois liberal capitalist scum that betrayed the people’s revolution

    So we will go to war again if this shit of Shui Chinaball don’t die, we already killed feudal scum of Ming Chinaball and we can kill Shui too nothing is impossible for the guardians of the heavenly revolution

    I will call my russian frien…

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  • Mengjiang nationalist


    September 18, 2018 by Mengjiang nationalist

    Please stop with the wars with STORM in them I feel like it is impossible to destroy please move on this is a request not an order.

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    Join my new wiki

    September 9, 2018 by USAKAN88O

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  • Imperialist Chinaball

    The fandals ruined our pages, now I’m trying to restore order, I’ll try to undo all the fandom stuff.

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  • CantoneseDragon


    August 30, 2018 by CantoneseDragon

    Ok guys I’m tired of see dates like 15498 an shiet on the pages

    Let’s fix it

    NAUball, Russian Greater SSRball and Ling Chinaball times from 2200 to 2500, the countries must change and die in this time

    American Federationball and South Japanball times from 2500 to 2900

    New China Empireball and Second Empire Of Chinaball times from 3000 to 3400

    New Malayan Republicball, AWTOball, OFSEball, New Russian Federationball and Kung Chinaball times from 3400 to 3600

    Please help me editing all the pages, the guy who helps the most has chance to be maybe promoted to some content mod rank

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