Bulgarian Empireball or Fourth Bulgarian Empireball will be a stronk empire countryball at East Balkans. He's allied with Hungarian Unionball, both fought against Romaniaball and Second Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaball, defeating the last one. He defeated Romaniaball and Fourth Hellenic Republicball.

Suppose Edit

War of 2235 Edit

Around start of 2235, Romania declared war on Bulgaria. After 2 months of hard war, Romania lost the war, allowing Bulgaria to occupy some lands of Wallachia.

Support of Hungarian Union at Second Hungarian-Romanian war. Edit

He started the second period of the war in 2237, declaring war on Romania and Second Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaball and being in the Hungarian Union's side. He and Hungarian Union defeated Romania and Yugoslavia in 2242.

The Bulgarian invasion of former YugoslaviaEdit

Second Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaball entered in a Civil War had after it failed militarily in Croatia and against Bulgaria and Romania. Bulgaria then took the opportunity on it to split Yugoslavia even more and made an intervention in order to help Montenegro and Macedonia succeed.

Then, in 2260, Bulgarian Empire declared war on Serbian Greater Kingdomball, a new born countryball that emerged from the Civil War that toppled down Second Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaball. Though Bulgaria had supported the monarchists in the war, they turned against it due to isolationism.

Bulgaria then invaded Belgrade and later Srpska with the help of Second Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovinaball. Bosnia allied with Bulgaria because Serbia invaded Srpska again some years ago under the command of Serbian monarchists, which led to a long war there. With victory, Bulgaria caused the fall of the Serbian Greater Kingdom.

After that, Bulgarian Empire invaded all Serbian lands. Then Bosnia complained that he didn't give Srpska and other claimed lands to him, Bulgaria ignored it, but Bosnia launched a military campaign against the Bulgarian forces, Bulgaria then defeated Bosnia and annexed all of it and Serbia into one province.

Russian Greater SFSRball denounced the Bulgarian invasion and backed an insurgency of Yugoslav loyalists that however failed to defeat the Bulgarians.

The Hungarian-Bulgarian Commonwealthball Edit

He and Hungarian Unionball united in 2261 to be bigger, stronger, and defeat more enemies and threats such as Romaniaball, Fourth Hellenic Republicball, Greater Albanian Kingdomball or New Moldovaball.


  • Monarchism
  • Bulgarian Nationalism
  • Atlanticism
  • Liberal Conservatism
  • Economic Liberalism
  • Right Wing Populism
  • Pro West
  • Anti Communism
  • Anti Serbian

Map (in green) Edit

Map of Bulgarian Union in 2260

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