East Turkeyball or Islamic Republic of Turkeyball, is a countryball located in Western Asia.


After the Turkish Revolution, he was born and seperated from his western zone.

He is a neo ottomanist different from his brother that is pro west, he became famous for supporting and spreading salafism during part of its history supporting terrorist and extremist groups, this made him being hated by literally everyone around him. He once sided with Russian Greater SFSRball to try to kill West Turkey and Armenia, but he failed and betrayed, Russia then bombed him.

He is a religious fanatic but he became secular sometime during the late 2250's.


  • Sunni Islamism
  • Islamic Nationalism
  • Authoritarianism (mostly)
  • Islamic Democracy (sometimes)
  • Social Conservatism
  • National Conservatism
  • Right Wing Populism
  • Neo Ottomanism
  • Erdoganism
  • Jihadism (factions)
  • Anti Secularism
  • Anti Kemalism
  • Anti West
  • Anti Communism
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