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Federation of Siberiaball will be a Federation compromised of 11, later 9 autonomous oblasts +The capital Novosibirsk. He was stronger than Siberiaball last state.

The beginning of his history was very bad because he was attacked by Japanese Unionball two times, in the first invasion (2308) he lost Sakhalin, and Khabarovsk, Primorsky and part of Amur in the second one (2311), he would also lost mongol territories like Tuva and a small part of Zabaykalsky to New Mengjiangball in a war (2316).

When Ling Chinaball born, Siberia saw a possible ally against Japanese Unionball and New Mengjiangball, so it allied with him, they ended up being friends and Ling Chinaball gave some old clays that have been lost to Japan to him, however Ling stayed with mongol clays and old clays of Manchuria, but after such wars Siberia was just happy for having someone that helped him and didn’t contest.

Siberia was a great ally of Ling, as his alliance ended the constant wars that were threatening Ling rule, several wars between Ling and rebels on the borders of Mongolia and turkic regions that were part of the Ling empire finally ended due to Siberia partnership works with Ling. Ling defended Siberia several times.

Although he was a great and important ally of Ling Chinaball, Ling didn’t manage to save him after many problems that he got into and he ended up dying after many internal conflicts and foreign attacks (mainly by western russians who wanted to retake his clay), he officially died in 2889.

Its fall would initiate the fall of Ling Chinaball, because Siberia prevented wars to happen in the mongol and turkic provinces of Ling. Just like Siberia, Ling would be victim of constant attacks and invasions in the next 200 years until his fall.

Autonomous oblasts

  1. East Ugricia (Lost to the Finno-Ugric Empire in 2321)
  2. Yakutia
  3. Yukaghiria
  4. North Tunguska
  5. Sakhalin (Lost to Japan in 2342)
  6. Vladivostok
  7. Ochotsk
  8. Kamchatka
  9. South Tunguska

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