The Drownid Invasion Edit

After the drownids entered the solar system, the attack the G.F.P. This resulted in the great bug war.

Major Battles:

Battle of Knowhere Edit

The Battle of Knowhere was the first contact with the Drownids, and the Drownid's first lost in thousands of years. The Drownid fleet engaged the science vessels of the G.F.P, since the GFP had no real warships, but the defensive precautions installed on the ships were enough to repel the shocked Drownids.

Battle of Charon Heights Edit

The Battle of Charon Heights was the first major planetside battle of the G.B.W., and took place on Charon. The G.F.P. sent its motorized Marine forces in full force for the first time since the Unification, but they had been updated them just in case. This certainly saved their hides from the Drownids, as they were able to reach the artillery at the Heights and route the swarm.

Battle of Plutonian space Edit

Humiliation of the Drownids at Nix Edit

Humiliation of the Drownids at Hydra Edit

Battle of Mount Carnax Edit

Second Battle of Mount Carnax Edit

Repelling of the Drownid Hoards Edit

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