Greater Albanian Kingdomball is an Albanian kingdom that occupy the areas of Albania and parts of Macedonia.

He is known for hating basically every Slav country (except some Croats) and having bad relations with its non-Slavic countries too, like Greeks, Turks, and Arabs.

He fought with Republic of Hrvatskaball against Second Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaball. He invaded Kosovo but couldn't occupy it entirely, he also helped Second Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovinaball fight the Serbs. He was also involved in attacks against the Fourth Hellenic Republicball.

He used to be a great New NATOball member and a founder of the USEUball, however with the geopolitics of the region boiling and NAUball's plans to destroy Russian Greater SFSRball getting harder. NATO stopped caring about his Greater Albanian plans and told him to shut up and unite with Bulgarian Empireball so he could have Kosovo back. He refused and united with Romanian Stateball, leaving it.

He ended up being an ally of Fourth Hellenic Republicball in the Great Balkan War and fought against Hungarian-Bulgarian Commonwealthball. He and his allies lost the war and got fully occupied in 2267.

After the war, many Albanians became communists, due to the fact that the kingdom was stupid and believed NAUball, serving the whole time as a puppet that was later discarded by them in order to continue with their greater ambitions.

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