Hawaiian Democratic Republicball is a socialist pro Oceanic Communist Unionball and New Soviet Unionball ally in Oceania. He is Hawaiiball independent and under hawaiian command again.


He became independent after NAUball died and USA got splited Nazi USAball tried to have control under him but failed.

He hates Oceanic Empireball that wanted to annex him. He allied with Oceanic Communist Unionball in the proxy cold war of Oceania. Following the events of the Hawaiian revolution, many anti communist mercenaries paid by either the Oceanic Empire or Nazi America were active in his lands.

The Operation Sunrise 15 was launched by the New Soviet Unionball in order to protect the sea of Hawaii from Oceanic Empireball raids. After one year of conflicts the revolutionary communists emerged victorious against the anti-communists with Soviet and Chinese help.

His government was made of Hawaiian natives, though many Asians also participated on it since they made of considerable part of the population. A lot of whites and some Japanese left the islands following these events, though many remained and were part of the political life.

He joined the Oceanian Communist Unionball in 2306.


  • Communism
  • Marxism Leninism
  • Left Wing Nationalism
  • Hawaiianization
  • Anti Imperialism
  • Anti Capitalism
  • Anti Americanism
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