Hungarian Unionball will form in 2226, with the unification of Republic of Hrvatskaball to Hungary-Slovakiaball.

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The Start in 2226Edit

Initially in 2222, Croatiaball was invaded by Second Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaball that was under a paranoia thinking Croatia and its allies would invade it, so they decided to invade first. Yugoslavia won the war in 2226.

NAUball initially thought the Croatians would defeat the invasion, but after their defeat they told them to united with Hungary-Slovakiaball, so Croatiaball decided to join his best friend, Hungaryball.

Then in October 2226 the new Hungarian Unionball together with some New NATOball volunteers invaded Croatiaball and kicked the Serbians out started.

Second Hungarian-Romanian war Edit

First period (2231-2233) Edit

In 2233, Hungarian Union declared war on Romania. Due to that, Romania seeked for help to Second Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaball that was seeking for revenge against Hungary. Hungarian Union then gave up in 2233, that made Romania occupying zones of southeastern Hungary.

Second period (2237-2242) Edit

Due to the previous conflict of Romania and Bulgarian Empire in 2235, Bulgarian Empire again declared war on Romania, being for Hungary, in 2237. So, Hungary re-took mass strength and fight for Bulgarian Empire against Romania and Yugoslavia. In 2242, Romania gave up, and Hungary occupied Transylvania, and Bulgaria occupied more parts of southern Wallachia.

Later, in 2243, Yugoslavia that had continued with the fights, gave up and lost Vojvodina to Hungarian Union and southeastern part to Bulgarian Empire.

The Hungarian-Bulgarian Commonwealthball Edit

In 2261, he and Bulgarian Empireball that just had defeated Second Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaball, decided to unite to win power and become one of the largest European countries, and defeated and invaded a lot of enemies such as Romaniaball, Greater Albanian Kingdomball or New Moldovaball.


  • Europeanist Unionism
  • Right Wing Populism
  • Right Wing Nationalism
  • National Conservatism
  • Social Conservatism
  • Christian Democracy
  • Christian Nationalism
  • Christian Right Wing
  • Reactionarism
  • Atlanticism
  • Anti Communism

Map (in green) Edit

Map of Hungarian Union in 2260

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