Jewish Empirecube is an empire on the Middle east, even though he started as little Israel, he ended up being stronk, increasing the Jewish race everywhere.

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Too Jewish, evil nazi remover kind and nice, loves to trade broken and cheap stuff weapons, iron and more.

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Jewish Empirecube started off as Israel which invaded rapidly Palestine and Lebanon, then he increased to Jordan, Syria and half of Iraq.

He also invaded Cyprus and conquered it from Greek Empireball on the First Greek-Jewish War.

However during 2230 his worst nightmare happened, an Arabic unity was created, the United Levantine Arab Republicball, and he was defeated in an event called Arabic Liberation War, where his territory was reduced, but still he stayed with Palestine and some parts of Lebanon and Jordan old clay.

After the fall of its possible ally, the Wahhabi Arabian Stateball, Jewish Empirecube was destined to a similar end, he was finally defeated by Arab nations in the year of 2295, in an event that is known as the last war of the Middle East Wars, two years after Greek Empireball recovered Cyprus in the Second Greek-Jewish War his empire was destroyed but the Jewish population was allowed to still living in the land of Israel by the Arabs, a Jewish province was created and annexed as part of the territory of the new Arab state.

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Jewish Empire map

Its maximum expansion


Current map, showing Jewish Empirecube in blue, United Levantine Arab Republicball in burgundy red, Wahhabi Arabian Stateball in green and United Yemeni Arab Republicball in yellow

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