Liandaoball (Ling Chinaball) will be a province resort of Ling Chinaball.


Liandao used to be called Macau because was in the past a dependence of Portugal that recieved it by an unequal treaty during a period where China was weak. After it Portugal gave the sovereignity of the city province to communist China, and remained like this.

Ling authorities removed all the Portuguese influence that still existed in the city, changing the name to Liandao (that means lotus island) and ending with the use of the Portuguese language as secondary as well too. The city was bombed by Japan during the war but was rebuilt.

Liandao was turned in a resort and is the ideal place to spend a holiday in Ling China.



Guangdongball: Cantonese brother (or father idk) who loves spending holidays and opening business here

Zhejiangball: He also gib me lots of money.

Taiwanball: Good friend who always helps and visits me

Jiangsuball: Thanks for companies

Hebeiball: He loves spending his holidays here.

Hong Kongball: He is of brother but usually arrogant.