"Oh Poooland!" - New Soviet Union calling Poland.
"If you have a problem, then massacre" - New Soviet Union
New Soviet Union will be a countryball that re-united the former USSR states, but there's more states such as Kazakh SSRbrick, Turkish SSRball, New Azerbaijani SSRball, Armenian SSRball, Norwegian SSRball led by Russian Greater SSRball.

His fall: Edit

His fall was a gruesome one, a group of Chechenballs in North Cuacasian SSRball decided to start terrorizing other ethnicities in North Cucasian SSRball, Russian Greater SSRball didn't bat an eye, even when he would he would say "the locals would handle them." The Chechenballs realized that what they were doing has no effect on Russian Greater SSRball and seized their activities until four years later, a small group of 22 Chechenballs dropped out of the radical group and made their own. They started to rally people from different parts of the union and rebel. Finnish SSRball was the first to rebel, Russian Greater SSRball noticed this and sent his army to massacre those who oppose, he was afraid that if they rebel they might cause others to rebel from him and collapse like his first union. Finnish SSRball told Norwegian SSRball about the massacre and Norwegianballs went to help Finnish SSRball gain independence and also free themselves as well. When news came to central Asia about the independence movement Kazakh SSRbrick sent some troops to go to Moscow and attack, Kyrgyz SSRball, Uzbek SSRball, Tajik SSRball, and Turkmen SSRball sent some troops with Kazakh SSRbrick's troops. Moscow was then Bombed by some radical's from Iraqi SSRball, Syrian SSRball, Afghani SSRball, and East Turkeyballs from Turkish SSRball. New Azerbaijani SSRball and Iranian SSRball refused to give oil to the New Soviet army. North Cuacasian SSRball got all of it's ethnic groups to stop fighting and start fighting with the Russian Greater SSRball's army, eventually they cut off the caucasus and gave Georgian SSRball, Armenian SSRball, and New Azerbaijani SSRball some time to get their armies ready. Germanyball started to aid other SSRballs from the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Estonian SSRball, Lithuanian SSRball, and Latvian SSRball sent snipers to Moscow to shoot down officials and soldiers. Russian Greater SSRball couldn't take it anymore and surrendered. He released Kazakh SSRbrick, Ukranian SSRball (with Crimeaball), Turkish SSRball, Georgian SSRball, New Azerbaijani SSRball, Armenian SSRball, Cuacasian SSRball, Kyrgyz SSRball, Uzbek SSRball, Afghan SSRball, Tajik SSRball, Latvian SSRball, Lithuanian SSRball, Estonian SSRball, Turkmen SSRball, Greek SSRball, Moldovan SSRball, Finnish SSRball, Norwegian SSRball, Albanian SSRball Montenegrin SSRball, Abkhaz ASSRball, Udi ASSRball, and Kaliningrad Oblastball. Now the Union is only with Russian Greater SSRball and Belarussian SSRball. The Union officially died when other Ethnic groups wanted independence, The union and Russian Greater SSRball was to weak and died, this gave Belarusball, Komiball, Mariball, Mordoviaball, Yakutiaball, Tatarstanball, Tyvaball, Udmurtball, Khakassiaball, Chuvashiaball, and Jewish Autonomous Oblastcube independence, and Alaska became a territory of Canadian Empireball again. Due to the Soviets redrawing the borders of the SSRballs, it caused many problems with the future of the released countryballs.

Provinces: Edit

SSRballs: Edit

Norwegian SSRball - I will never forget how to rebelled against me.

Alaskan SSRball - Glad to have unite Mother Rossiya with Alaska again.

Finnish SSRball - His government is good and loyal but his population is rebel idiot and caused my fall.

Latvian SSRball - Grows some good potatoes for me and only me.

Estonian SSRball - Suggested to unite her with Finnish SSRball, but of course I said no.

Lithuanian SSRball - Makes great dishes for my leaders only.

Byelorussian SSRball - One of my most loyal subjects.

Ukrainian SSRball - No you are not going to have Crimeaball or Novorossiyaball, and I'm not going to put more power plants. Remember Chernobyl?

Moldavian SSRball - There was a long debate over uniting with Romanian SSRball or staying an SSRball, but finally he decided to stay as an SSRball.

Romanian SSRball - I've had one of your provinces. Now I can have all?

Polish SSRball - I've always dreamed of annexing him entirely, and now I have him.

Czechoslovakian SSRball - I didn't want to have to many SSRballs, so I united Czechiaball and Slovakiaball.

Hungarian SSRball - Now I have the biggest lake in central Europe!

Bulgarian SSRball - Makes great yogurt, but it's hard to choose, yours or Greece's.

Macedonian SSRball - Greece keeps telling me to rename him but I don't care.

Montenegrin SSRball - I keep confusing him with Serbia.

Albanian SSRball - Keeps telling me to let him unite with Kosovo.

Greek SSRball - Kept telling me to let him have Constantinople.

Turkish SSRball - I had to reeducate the radicals from eastern Turkey, wasn't easy.

Syrian SSRball - I let Lebanon have independence but I'm having Syria.

Iraqi SSRball - People were very angry there

Iranian SSRball - Has a lot of oil, take that Америка

Armenian SSRball - The entire Artsakh and Nakhchievan thing made me fall in the first union, so I'm letting him have them to prevent my death.

New Azerbaijani SSRball - Has a lot of oil as well, although he still really hates Armenia.

Georgian SSRball - Took me a while to annex him but I finally got him

North Caucasian SSRball - Pretty conflicted but I don't care about his problems.

Kazakh SSRbrick - Last time he was very loyal, but I don't know why he isn't anymore.

Kyrgyz SSRball - Had to make an irrigation system for him.

Uzbek SSRball - Gave him some of Kazakh's land so he can reach the Caspian Sea.

Afghan SSRball - I revived the modernization projects of this old guy that were forgotten and destroyed by religious fundamentalists.

Tajik SSRball - Had to fix his borders with Kyrgyzstan.

Turkmen SSRball - I sometimes confuse him with Turkish SSRball. Because they almost have a similar name.

ASSRballs: Edit

Adjar ASSRball - Why is there a kebab part of a Christian nation... why do you even have religions?

Abkhaz ASSRball - I remember helping him with independence but he seems to hate me

Nakhichievan ASSRball - This time you are with Armenia, I don't want anymore conflicts that cause my fall

Udi ASSRball - Long debate over Azerbaijan annexing him or staying independent

Oblastballs: Edit

Artsakhi Oblastball - Just like your brother Nakhichevan, you will be a part of Armenia

Jewish Autonomous Oblast - What's with these Jews, why won't they leave?