North American Unionball or NAUball will be a future organizationball in Northern America, widely known for its neo imperialism and ultra capitalist policies in the fight against communism.

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Creation of the NAU in 2200 Edit

He was created after Trump’s USAball anschulessed the important parts of Canadaball and Mexicoball creating the new North American country.

NAUball had a clear plan of world domination because he feared Russian Greater SFSRball power more than anything in the beginning of the century. At the beginning he was stronger than Russia, but he always feared that the Russians could somehow start to improving themselves and become maybe at their level again.

He went worse on foreign policy the Russians grew in geopolitics after it expanded their influences to the poor countries of the third world and made the Americans lost their resources.

On the other hand his internal issues weren't great either, he had been since the foundation fighting with constant rebellions, from secessionist all sides. The fear of a communist revolution in his lands became real after the 2260s.

NAUball then planned a way to destroy Russian Greater SFSRball without having to direct go to war against it. The plan consisted on them supporting the Hungarian-Bulgarian Commonwealthball to annex all of the Balkans and Greater Polandball to annex all the Baltic in order to beat the Russians in one front, then allowing him to invade the Middle East, retake the resources he lost and then invade Russia by the Caucasus as well.

But the plan failed and his proxies were utterly defeated in the Great War in Eastern Europe. The failure resulted in an escalated crisis of worldwide capitalism

Death Edit

He died during the Second American Civil War since the crisis reached unimaginable levels. The war ended after radical Fascists and Nazis took power and USA got divided between them and Second Californian Republicball in the other side.

Ideology Edit

  • American Conservatism
  • American Ultranationalism
  • North American Unionism
  • National Conservatism
  • Social Conservatism
  • Fiscal Conservatism
  • Neoconservatism (mostly)
  • Paleoconservatism (factions)
  • Right Wing Nationalism
  • Right Wing Populism
  • Nativism
  • Christian Right Wing
  • Christian Nationalism
  • Anti Communism
  • McCarthyism

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