Polish Empireball will be a Empireball occupying big part of Eastern & Central Europe.

History Suppose: Edit

It will be a huge empire that will occupe actual Czechball, Slovakiaball, Lithuaniaball, Latviaball, Belarusball, Northwestern Ukraineball, Eastern Germanyball & Western Russiaball. It's major ally will be Fascist Hungaryball, along with others such as Greek-Bulgarian Commonwealthball, Caucasian Tsardomball or Estoniaball.

Rivals: Russian Greater SSRball, French Federationball, Germanyball, Nordic Commonwealthball.

Polish Civil War (2903-2906): Edit

In 2905, Greater Polandball declared war on him and LBGPball, in 2903. Then, in 2905, he and LBGPball defeated and splitted Greater Polandball and sent him into exile in Gotlandball, that was succeeded by Polish Swedenball, being defeated by Swedenball. But then, Polish Empireball disagreed with LBGPball, so they fought, resulting in Polish Empireball's victory over LBGPball, so he destroyed and invaded totally him.

War with Protectorate of the Czechsball: Edit

In 2919, he declared war in Protectorate of the Czechsball. He defeated and invaded him quickly, in 2921. After the war, Occupied Austriaball asked for independence, but he ignored him and invaded him too.

Can into space?: Edit

Not yet, but he will while killing German and Russian.

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Map (in green): Edit

Polish empire map