Polish Empireball will be a Empireball occupying big part of Eastern & Central Europe.

History Suppose Edit

It will be a huge empire that will occupe actual Czechball, Slovakiaball, Lithuaniaball, Latviaball, Belarusball and Northwestern Ukraineball.

Polish Civil War (2393-2396) Edit

In 2393, Greater Polandball decided to annex Lithuania and Belarus, without any legitimacy whatsoever. They took proveit Soviets were busy fighting their internal enemies and attacked it, however a resistance movement was formed named LBGPball that kicked Poland in the ass. The defeat showed how weak the Polish state actually was, leading to a civil war.

Monarchist nationalists depose the former government and wwent to take revenge on the LBGPball that was having problems in Belarus as another government was formed.

Poland invaded it and occuppied most of Belarus and Lithuania almost defeating the LGBP while also invading Northwest Ukraine as the country faced a civil war following the split with the Soviets between nationalists and sovietists.

The Continuity Soviet Unionball also claimed Belarus and Ukraine as their former leaders agreed to join the continuity union. Therefore after defeating the opposition in Moscow they invaded it with the objective of kicking Poland out.

War with the Continuity Soviet Unionball Edit

In 2394, he went to war against the Continuity Soviet Unionball in order to reaffirm his annexation of Belarus and Lithuania. The Polish however gave up of Ukraine in the beginning of the year as the nationalists were causing too much trouble and they didn't want to deal with another double front war, so they let it be.

The Soviet invasion of Belarus ended up destroying the remnants of the LBGPball and the Belarusian opposition by itself, so the Polish and the Soviets had an entire country to fight for.

After two years of combat in 2396, the Soviets occuppied Minsk and advanced till the Kaliningrad, later planning an offensive against Lithuania in which they were defeated and the Polish occuppied Vilnius following a decisive victory against the remnants of the Lithuanian branch of the LBGPball.

The two sides agreed to sign a peace agreement after that in which Poland would stay with Lithuania and the Soviets with Belarus and the Kaliningrad, withdrawing from Polish and Lithuanian territory by redrawing the old border.

Lithuanian Independence War Edit

Greater Finlandball had invited Poland to open a new front against the Continuity Soviet Unionball so together they could crash it. Finland just like Poland had took proveit of Russian weak position in the years before the formation of their new entity and took some extra territory, then when the Soviets reorganized they got their asses kicked and had to look for regional allies. The Finnish were willing to remove Latvian independence as a member of the Baltic Unionball and give it to Poland if they aided them.

Poland loved the idea and was ready to break its peace agreement with the Soviets and invade Belarus and Ukraine, but then a bunch of Lithuanian started to rebel after new national laws were approved. Poland had to mobilize its army to resist their rebellion, which led to criticism since Polish rule in Lithuania wasn't seen with good eyes internationally.

Poland then gave up of Lithuania as the Soviets could take proveit of it to further split the country like they had done with the Russians in Karelia against Finland. Lithuania then joined the Baltic Unionball.

War with CzechoslovakiaEdit

Poland then stopped looking East as they feared the Soviets could get stronger eventually and take revenge on them and started look to its West, where they saw a weak Czechoslovakia.

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Map (in green) Edit

Polish empire map
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