Polish Empireball will be a Empireball occupying big part of Eastern & Central Europe.

History Suppose Edit

It will be a huge empire that will occupe actual Czechball, Slovakiaball, Lithuaniaball, Latviaball, Belarusball and Northwestern Ukraineball.

Polish Civil War (2393-2396) Edit

In 2393, Greater Polandball declared war on LBGPball and was defeated, the move showed how weak the Polish state was and Poland went on civil war following that.

Monarchist nationalists depose the former government and want to take revenge on the disagreed on the LBGPball, so they invaded it, which resulted on the other side on the Continuity Soviet Unionball invasion of Belarus.

First War with Continuity Soviet Unionbal Edit

In 2394, he went to war against the Continuity Soviet Unionball in order to reaffirm his annexation of Belarus and Lithuania. After two years of combat in 2396, the Soviets occuppied Minsk and the Poles occuppied Vilnius, they signed a peace agreement after that in which Poland would stay with Lithuania and the Soviets with Belarus.

Can into space? Edit



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Map (in green) Edit

Polish empire map
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