Reichtangle will be a countryball countrytangle situated in Central Europe. It will be the fourth reich.

History Suppose

It aimed to form a new Pan Germanic Reich all over Europe. Through it didn't really annex most of the territories they claimed, they pretty much had sympathizers and de facto controlled Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and parts of Poland, Czechoslovakia and Slovenia;

It will be a non-ball shaped countryball with small eyes that will occupe big part of Europe. He is strongly affiliated with current Merkelreichtangle EUball, that is secretly building the new 4th Reich. He wants to invade France, Poland, Italy, Russia and all the Balkans.

He challenged the current order of Europe after the Great War in Eastern Europe. Following the collapse of the Eurozone in the French Post-split Wars in which his predecessor Republic of Greater Germanyball tried to keep it alive by force, Mainland Europe began to collapse internally. The economic crisis, humiliations in war and subjugation of entire Western Europe to the last old European power, Second British Empireball, caused the rise of Pan Germanism and Ultranationalism.

Armed fascists and nationalists began to strike against government buildings and after months of protests in 2293, Republic of Greater Germanyball collapsed. A faction of the Bundestag that was nationalist and supported Pan Germanism decided to ally with the fascists and form an united bloc for national salvation. This bloc was opposed by all former federal governments of the old German Republic. The result of this political conflict was the Reich Civil War in which the different states opposed the new "government".

He emerged victorious from the war, though Germany was economically destroyed. He had a plan to recover it, but was being sabotaged by the British. In this moment he officially founded the Newer Reich that would liberate Europe from Soviet communism and British imperialism. It started with fascist insurgencies in Denmark, France and Soviet Poland.

The fall of the Danish government worried the British and they decided to interfere against it, but when both started to march to Sweden the New Soviet Unionball entered in it to crush the fascists there first. Reichtangle became angry seeing he was being used in a proxy war between the British and the Soviets and had the weird idea that he could beat both of them through internal rebellions.

He started to send troops to France, Belgium and Netherlands in order to assist fascists and far-right groups. At the beginning, he didn't even want to annex them, instead just form a new European political bloc.

He was also conviced that he could destroy the Soviet Union from within, with a massive fascist rebellion that started by taking place in Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria, as well as in some parts of Yugoslavia like Croatia and Slovenia. He just forgot that the Soviet Union had the biggest army in the world.

After he was caught giving aid to neo nazis in Slovenia and Poland, the Soviets began to bomb Germany. At that point the British invaded France in order to fight him as well and he was in his crazier form. Since the British took his nuclear weapons 10 years before and did the same to France before the war started, he was desperately looking for the remnants of it there, since his own project was being sabotaged. He started to send soldiers to assist fascists both in the West and the East. He at the beginning saw success in the massive fascist uprisings that took place in Hungary, Bulgaria and Poland, in the last ultranationalists even managed to burn the palace of the Soviets in Warsaw.

His adventures and dreams of a new European reich were finally frustrated when the Soviets became determined to remove him from earth. The British didn't want the Reich mess to end up in an opportunity for the Soviets conquer the entire of Europe and therefore nuked Germany to warn them, later they both splited the old Reich claimed territories.

Far from being a new Nazi Germany, the Fourth Reich was the last sigh of an old Europe, divided between economic liberalism, social democracy and ultranationalism.

Reichtangle and the Second Reich

He has the same flag of the past Second Reich. As he was not really a nazi (at least not a Hitler loyalist), he believed the German imperial tricolour (black, white and red) was the best national flag. He also had the sword and hammer as the symbol of his strasserist neo-fascist ideology.


  • German Ultranationalism
  • Pan Germanism
  • Strasserism
  • Totalitarianism
  • Neo-Nazism
  • Neo-Fascism
  • Right Wing Populism
  • Authoritarian Capitalism
  • Nativism
  • Imperialism
  • Irredentism
  • Identitarianism
  • Supremacism
  • Anti-Communism


This is the map of Reichtangle. (in green)

Reichtangle map
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