Reichtangle is a countryball countrytangle situated in Central Europe. It will be the fourth reich.

Today full part of: Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Czech Rep. and Slovenia;

Today portions of: Lithuania, Italy, UK, Sweden, Norway and Croatia.

History Suppose Edit

It will be a non-ball shaped countryball with small eyes that will occupe big part of Europe. He is strongly affiliated with current Merkelreichtangle EUball, that is secretly building the new 4th Reich. He wants to invade Russia, all the balkans, Spain and Turkey.

Predecessor: EUball Unknown.

Reichtangle and the Second Reich Edit

He has the same flag that the past Second Reich. On /r/polandball it only can be used to represent 4th Reich, while the 2nd Reich is depicted as a normal ball. In all other polandball communities Reichtangle can be used to depict both.

Why Reichtangle is a rectangle? Edit

There's no exact reason. Maybe is a wordplay for the similarity of "Reich" and "Rectangle"'s beginning, so they can into mix and results in "Reichtangle"!

However, if other countryballs are anschlussing or trying to anschluss another countryball, it also can be transformed to a vertical rectangle. This is the map of Reichtangle. (in green)

Reichtangle map
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