Republic of Hrvatskaball is a future version of Croatiaball.


Before the Third Balkans War he was an ally of NAUball in the Balkans that was trying to undermine Second Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaball, an anti-American countryball in the region.

He was put under the task of destroying the Socialist State of Prekmurjeball and stop more Russian/Yugoslav proxies to get involved in the region. After some years it collapsed and two new countries emerged.

Second Empire of Austriaball and NAUball's intelligence service advised Croatiaball to prevent the Second Slovenian Republicball that wanted to reunite its former lands to continue with its plans, seeing that it would mess their future project that was being prepared (the project was the Hungarian-Bulgarian Commonwealthball). Croatiaball had to finish its mission. After five years of war, they took Sloveniaball's clay and prevented an alliance between it and Second Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaball.

Later, the Third Balkans War started in 2222 and he was fully occupied by the Second Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaball in 2226, which was being supported by Russian Greater SFSRball that planned the creation of a new puppet Yugoslavia. The Serbians in Yugoslavia also thought that if it didn't attack Croatia, the Croatians would invade it with the Americans.

The Serbian militants destroyed Zagreb during the conflicts. After that, the Croatian militants fought the long war to retake control of the country, but Croatia was devastated.

NAUball told Croatia to unite with Hungary-Slovakiaball, so they became Hungarian Unionball and kicked the Serbians out of Croatian lands, ending the war in Croatia, that was however under Hungarian control.


  • Croatian Nationalism
  • Irredentism
  • National Conservatism
  • Christian Democracy
  • Christian Nationalism
  • Christian Right Wing
  • Right Wing Nationalism
  • Right Wing Populism
  • Fascism (factions, denied by government)
  • Atlanticism
  • Anti Communism
  • Anti Serbian
  • Anti Russian
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