The Republic of Quebecball will be a countryball located in North America, that seceded from Canadian Empireball in 2434.

Suppose Edit

Independence Edit

Since 2433 Quebecker independentists and pro-French rebels caused constant instability in Quebec and some border zones of Ontarioball. They killed a lot of Canadians, and finally they needed to accept Quebec's independence in 2434.

Support of South Franceball in the French Post-Split Wars Edit

In 2679, he decided to support South Franceball and fight against North Franceball and Germanyball, but they lost. However, in 2686, South Franceball declared war in North Franceball, and he supported him again. And this time they won, and North Franceball ceased to exist. Then South Franceball united all Franceball again.

Quebeco-Canadian War Edit

In 2695, Canada declared war on Quebec. It was a long, brutal war. And it resulted on Canada winning, also due to before in the war Quebec sent a big number of his army to France, which most of them died.

Aftermath Edit

After Quebec lost the war, he became a province again. The Canadian Empire decided to split Newfoundlandball and Labradorball into two entities, and Labrador took away his northern clay as punishment for his actions. After about a century, the province of Quebec was removed by Canada.