Romanian Stateball is the countryball representing the future Romanian State.


He had a history full of dark moments, NAUball tried to push for a conflict with Russian Greater SFSRball by using Romania as a proxy in Moldova, but the Romanian leadership refused so and formed an agreement with the Russians, creating New Moldovaball.

NAUball considered this a betrayal and suspended Romania from New NATOball, then it ordered Bulgarian Empireball to invade Moldova, but Romania didn’t allow the invasion to take place and started an offensive against Bulgaria, that resulted in it losing parts of the territory in exchange of the security of Moldova and peace in the region.

Later, NAUball continued to undermine Romania by ordering Hungarian Unionball to start the Second Hungarian-Romanian War, Romania made an alliance with Second Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaball and pushed the Hungarians out, taking some of their territory as a safe zone, then Bulgarian Empireball joined the war on Hungarian side, kicked Romania out, took Transylvania and founded the Hungarian-Bulgarian Commonwealthball.

This forced him to cooperate with Russian Greater SFSRball. Romania was the first European country to have a party member of the Party for Socialist Europe elected to power, the president switched from the social democrats to the radical socialists. The PSE were considered far left and usually aligned with the International Socialist Blocball, but different from the European Initiative of Communist Parties that aimed for revolution, the PSE believed in changing internal structures to socialism.

He got fully invaded by Hungarian-Bulgarian Commonwealthball in 2267. His allies of the Great Balkan War also got invaded.

Ideology Edit

At first: Edit

  • Representative Democracy
  • Romanian Nationalism
  • Economic Liberalism
  • Liberal Conservatism
  • Atlanticism
  • Pro-West
  • Anti-Communism

Later: Edit

  • Democratic Socialism
  • Left Wing Nationalism
  • Left Wing Populism
  • Russophilia
  • Anti-Imperialism
  • Anti-Capitalism
  • Anti-Americanism
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