Russian Greater SFSRball will of be

Will be a large large future countryball in Eurasia. Into the same territories than USSR and the first future Soviet countryball.

History Suppose Edit

When he came to power he was very nationalist and a real far-left communist, a Stalinist. He used to ban most products of the capitalist world and persecuted former Russian oligarchs, focusing on national defense and territorial integrity. He also had a market socialist phase that lasted for 20 years.

He became very friendly with Ling Chinaball and described their socialist ideology Heavenlism as a "legitimate and constructive step in the way to socialism and the complete elimination of revisionism and parasitic classes enemies of the people".

He, however, had some differences from old Soviet Russia, like he proposed cooperation with the Orthodox Church and other religious groups of the country, allowing religious people to join the communist party. He officially adopted a new secular policy in which the clerical institutions were fully submissive and under the control of the communist party in an anti reactionary pact, therefore religion could be a part of the socialist motherland.

However he was still radical in his ideology, he hated gay people and continued persecuting them supported by the Orthodox Church.

One of the greatest moments of his political and military history was the victory in The Great Russian-Ukrainian War, in which he defeated the Ukrainian fascist empire and took control of their lands, creating his sockpuppet ally Belayevan Rusball into a union state.

He spent a lot of time trying to create a greater Soviet Union while taking care of his political allies around the world that sometimes were not even communists like him but were still friends and united against burger.

He was at the beginning the only new Soviet republic since the fall of the old Soviet Union, later some other few countries became also Soviet republics, example of Belayevan Rusball and PR Finlandball, but they didn’t unite yet and Russia only protected them from capitalist euros.

He finally founded the New Soviet Unionball in 2279 after defeating the Hungarian-Bulgarian Commonwealthball, Italian Communityball and Greater Polandball united front, allowing him to take half of Europe.


  • Communism
  • National Communism
  • Marxism Leninism
  • Neo Stalinism
  • Sovietism
  • Left Wing Nationalism
  • Russian Nationalism
  • Traditionalism
  • Christian Communism (factions)
  • Market Socialism (formerly)
  • Anti Revisionism
  • Anti Capitalism
  • Anti Americanism
  • Anti Fascism
  • Anti Zionism

List of Russian Greater SFSR leadersEdit

  • Vladimir Radoslav In office: 24 years (2200-2224)
  • Boris Yazov In office: 14 years (2224-2238)
  • Aleksandr Mikhalitsin In office: 41 years (2238-2279)
  • Konstantin Barsukov In office: 6 years (2279-2285)
  • Vladimir Khodakovsky In office: 20 years (2285-2315)
  • Alina Vitalyevna In office: 6 years (2315-2321)
  • Mikhail Bednov In office: 26 years (2321-2347)
  • Nikolai Zyuganov In office: 5 years 2347-2352
  • Valentin Rudnikov In office: 11 years (2347-2358)
  • Viktoria Maksmova In office: 5 years (2358-2363)
  • Gennady Spasskov In office: 10 years (2363-2373)
  • Valentina Tarasova In office: 6 years (2373-2379)
  • Denis Patrushev In office: 8 years (2379-2387)

Map Edit

Russian Greater SFSR (in green) with the New Soviet Unionball (in light green)

Russian SSR map

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