Russian Greater SSRball will of be

A laaaarge future countryball in Eurasia. Into same territories than USSR (except Polish and Japanese invaded ones) and the first future Soviet countryball. He is of commie, addict to vodka, slavery lover and wants to invade all the wolrd's clay!

History Suppose Edit

A very very communist future countryball who can into nukes and troops. He again into space and hates Polish Empireball, Japanese Union and Muricaball. Dictator's name is of totally unknown, but russian commies into callings him "Joseph NewStalin". Allies? Pfft don't of needings to ask... maybe Kitayball?

When he came to power he was very nationalist and a real far left communist, he used to ban most products of the capitalist world and persecuted former Russian oligarchs, focusing on national defense and territorial integrity.

He however had some differences from old Soviet Russia, like he proposed cooperation with the Orthodox Church and other religious groups of the country, allowing religious people to join the communist party. However he was still radical in his ideology, he hated gay people and continued persecuting them, also really disliked religious propaganda and he used to purge everyone that tried to use it against the party instead of in favor.

He spent a lot of time trying to create a commie union while taking care of his political allies around the world that sometimes were not even commies like him but were still friends and united against burger.

He was at the beginning the only new Soviet republic since the fall of the old Soviet Union, later some other few countries became also Soviet republics, but they didn’t united yet and Russia only protected them from capitalist euros.

It was only finally founded the New Soviet Unionball in 2587, and even after its fall in 2688, he was the only commie republic that resisted and stayed alive with the Soviet name. He died in 3308.

Map Edit

Russian Greater SSR (in green) with the New Soviet Unionball (in light green)