Second Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaball will be a countryball in the Balkans.


It was made after the Yugoslav countries gained independence from the Second Empire of Austriaball following a long guerrilla war. Though independence came only with diplomatic support of Russian Greater SFSRball.

Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia united into an union state, but Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia didn't because they believed they would all be under Serbian nationalist control. He claimed to be preparing its land to form a new Yugoslavia with the support of Russian Greater SFSRball, not a greater ultranationalist Serbia as some claimed.

Though accused of being anti-muslim because of the "remove kebab" thing and the conflict in Bosnia, he got along with Arabs and the members of the Ashgabat Groupball, since they both shared a deep hate toward the West and its allies.

He went to war with Republic of Hrvatskaball after it invaded Second Slovenian Republicball, because according to him Croatia was challenging the Balkans power structure in favor of NAUball that aimed to destroy him. He claimed to be protecting and giving autonomy to Serbs in Bosnia and Croatia suffering from "imperialism" and perseuction.

Besides being initially victorious in the two front war against Republic of Hrvatskaball and Second Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovinaball plus resisting an invasion of Kosovo started by Greater Albanian Kingdomball followed by an Albanian uprising in Macedonia with the help of the Fourth Hellenic Republicball. He ended up being militarily defeated by Hungarian Unionball and lost all his occupied territories.

The defeat in the war followed by a horrible internal crisis that destroyed his economy and created conflicts in his own lands. The crisis was the result of continuous sponsored war in Srpska, in which he was repelled but continued getting involved in order to support the Serbian militias fighting there.

Since his foundation, he had a great internal animosity with right wing ultranationalists and monarchists that constantly threatened the federal law and called for the abolition of Monetengrin, Vojvodinan, Macedonian and Kosovar right of self-rule. This caused many to be arrested and opposing parties prevented from participating in elections in the late 2250s.

Armed conflicts started between monarchists and the socialist unionist government since they didn't accept the electoral results. The conflicts escalated to an invasion by the part of the Bulgarian Empireball, that ended in the seccession of Montenegro and Macedonia. Later, a coup was orchestrated and the government was overthrown, being replaced by Serbian Greater Kingdomball.

The monarchist coup destroyed Yugoslavia even more, since it lost the support of Russia and other socialist countries, followed by the sanctions and embargo of the capitalist West, the crisis went worse. He was undermined at the end till complete destruction.

Russia had a plan to install a new government in Serbia but it was denied by the new Hungarian-Bulgarian Commonwealthball. Being this one of the reasons that forced Russia to enter in war with them later.


  • Milosevic Loyalism
  • Democratic Socialism (sometimes)
  • Authoritarianism (sometimes)
  • Militarism
  • Left Wing Nationalism
  • Left Wing Populism
  • Market Socialism
  • Federalism
  • Irredentism
  • Russophilia
  • Yugoslavism (claimed)
  • Serbian Nationalism (alleged)
  • Anti Imperialism
  • Anti Americanism
  • Anti Fascism
  • Anti West
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