Second Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovinaball will be a future bosnian countryball in the Balkans.

He was born after Serbia invaded Bosnia and took Srpskaball from them, he was supposed to be a stronger version of Bosniaball. When Second Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaball declared war against Bosnia, he fought a war that expelled Serbians from Bosnian territory and conquered the whole Srpska again in 2231, then Bosnia militarily occupied Srpska which left serbs angry.

He later fought another war against Serbia when this time the Serbian Greater Kingdomball invaded Bosnia again and annexed Srpska one more time, Serbia accused Bosnia of being commiting ethnic cleansing against the Serb population.

He then made an alliance with Bulgarian Empireball against Serbia, but Bulgaria betrayed him and didn't give Srpska to him simply conquering and annexing it. Bosnia then moved a military campaign against Bulgaria but was defeated.


  • Bosniak Nationalism
  • Economic Liberalism
  • Liberal Conservatism
  • Islamic Democracy
  • Right Wing Populism
  • Atlanticism
  • Anti Communism
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