The Socialist Confederation of the Greater Antillesball will be a communist republic based in the Greater Antilles, the island of Cuba, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, however he can't into Jamaica.

Its name comes in honor of the revolutionary idea of José Martí, the founding father of Cuba.


He was a very important ally of Russian Greater SFSRball during its conflicts with NAUball, the peak was when Puerto Rico became independent of NAU after the Second American Civil War and joined him.

He kept close relations with the United Bolivarian Statesball and later united with the Pan American Socialist Unionball, concluding its process of fully entry in 2299 in which its regional integration was kept.


  • Communism
  • Marxism Leninism
  • Castroism
  • Latin American Socialism
  • Pan Americanism
  • Left Wing Nationalism
  • Anti Capitalism
  • Anti Americanism
  • Anti Imperialism
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